Welcome to my brain.

Do I know what I’m doing? No!

But maybe we can learn something together while I try to figure it out…

Latest from the Blog

Introducing Me

In my day job as a psychiatrist, one brain after another dumps itself out on my office rug; we sift through them together and find the holes, the discrepancies, the imbalances. We try to patch them and make things whole and best-functioning again. So I have learned a lot about the holes, and the patches.Continue reading “Introducing Me”

Part 1: How Things Work

Why me? Because I’m a psychiatrist, and because I studied Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT.* I cannot figure out what my brain is supposed to be doing unless I fully understand how it works, what forces are at play, and where the resistances lie. Known thine enemy and all of that. In part oneContinue reading “Part 1: How Things Work”

Chapter 1: Attention

 “Only now did Pierre realize the full strength of life in man and the saving power he has of transferring his attention from one thing to another, which is like the safety valve of a boiler that allows superfluous steam to blow off when the pressure exceeds a certain limit.”  Leo Tolstoy, War and PeaceContinue reading “Chapter 1: Attention”

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